Do you work in particular genres?

We consider projects in the areas of business, computers and technology, personal finance, education, and memoir.

How long does a book have to be?
Only as long as it takes to effectively communicate the information you want to convey. Sometimes a booklet is sufficient.

How do we distribute our books?
Books can be sold through various channels, such as Web sites, online bookstores, retail stores, sales and telemarketing teams, partners, affiliates, and resellers.

Neuhaus Publishing helps you determine the content of your books. Whether they are 100
pages or 1,000, we create books that are effective, informative, and valuable.

One of the first challenges of any book project is who will be the author. Neuhaus Publishing helps you find authors and co-authors, or ghostwriters and editors who have the expertise to assist your authors — whether they are the CEO, president or other top executives, or members of the staff. Then, we work with them to develop a custom manuscript.

Illustrations, charts, graphs, photographs, cartoons, and other visual elements can enhance the presentation of your subject, aid readers’ understanding, and generally make your books more interesting and memorable. We recommend which elements to include based on your objectives, topic, audience, and budget. Then we commission new art and photography, use
existing work or stock images, or both.

Our clients frequently have content that can be repurposed for their books. Presentations, speeches, research, reports, articles, newsletters, blogs, Web-site content, white papers, and other materials can be mined, included, and sometimes compiled. Conversely, we can help you turn a manuscript into content for these other mediums.

Creating custom CDs and DVDs is an effective way to engage your audience and add value to your books. Placed inside a front or back cover, CDs and DVDs can include complementary content such as interviews, behind-the-scenes tours, demonstrations, slide shows, and searchable content. Custom CDs and DVDs also make excellent promotional giveaways.