Neuhaus Publishing has produced a variety of books to meet our clients’ goals. Here are a few examples of our work.

OBJECTIVE: Increase the number of subscribers to FamilyPC magazine.
SOLUTION: A series of three books, created using existing and new material, that provided new vehicles to attract readers to the magazine.
RESULT: Sold over 20,000 copies of each title. FamilyPC increased readership, garnered multiple, national PR opportunities, extended the brand, and created a revenue stream.


The FamilyPC Software Buyer’s Guide
COST: $24.95

OBJECTIVE: Have resellers and dealers carry product, and sell product to consumers.
SOLUTION: A how-to, home-automation book that educated prospective customers; included a limited version of the product.
RESULT: Sold over 15,000 copies through magazines, Web sites, dealers, and resellers in the home-automation market, which created product demand. Company sales reps sold book over phone as part of sales process, which led to product purchase.


The HouseHold Web
Savoy Automation
COST: $29.95

OBJECTIVE: Raise the visibility of TEC, The Executive Committee, a national organization that focuses on CEO education and development.
SOLUTION: A book in which CEOs reveal what it’s like to be at the top by candidly recounting personal experiences and lessons.
RESULT: Sold over 10,000 copies in bookstores, and received national PR. Complementary copies attracted new members to TEC.


The CEO Chronicles
Knowledge Exchange
COST: $24.95

OBJECTIVE: Create a vehicle that would increase product sales and company’s visibility.
SOLUTION: A how-to book that showed C/C++ programmers how to transfer their skills and knowledge to real-time, embedded programming; included a limited version of the product.
RESULT: Sold over 15,000 copies through bookstores and Web site. Established Phar Lap Software as a leader in the embedded-tools market and increased product sales.


Real-Time Programming

Addison Wesley
COST: $49.95